How to investigate UDID(s), such as iPhone


I was good even allowed to MEMO before much more, how to determine the identifier (UDID) is frequently a split, because or there is a need to have examined communicated to various people, I have written while too late .

While developing an iPhone application, in order to have to register into “Devices” of iOS Provisioning Portal the device used for a test, It is necessary to contact various persons and to have UDID of the owned device investigated by an own hand. (If a test machine is good only at its device though natural, I do not need to get people to investigate)

Comparatively hard [ to also explain ], since there are various persons in a world.
By saying, it writes here with a screen shot. The people who Finding of UDID do not know well, first, let's guide this page.

UDID is investigated by iTunes and it is a copy.

It is convenient to use iTunes, in order to investigate UDID. iPhone at hand, iPad, and iPod Touch are connected to the personal computer of Mac or Windows by USB, and iTunes is started. (iTunes which synchronizes usually is good.) In case it will synchronize accidentally .

  1. If it connects, please choose a device to acquire and display the “outline” column in the place called “device.”
  2. Click the place called “serial number” currently displayed there.

    Postscript (2015.5.21): Carry the latest screen shot.

    [Caption id = “attachment_5988” align = “alignnone” width = “300”] iTunes screenshot of (2015.5.21 currently) Screenshot of iTunes (2015.5.21 now) [/ caption]

  3. I think that it came to be displayed as “an identifier (UDID)” although what must be clicked such once why was unknown.
  4. String Do stomach over are displayed here is the UDID.

  5. Since it is serious to copy this character string, let’s copy.
  6. I think “that it will be a copy about an identifier (UDID) if an Edit menu is opened.” When “you are a copy about a serial number”, please open a menu after returning to the above-mentioned step and clicking a serial number portion.

    since the identifier (UDID) was copied above — e-mail and a messenger — please be alike, paste and tell developers this long character string. If it attaches of which device of a stock it is a thing like “being UDID of my iPhone4S” in that case, I will think that it is good.