Xcode : Post-error of Upload to App Store “Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for -“


Since it is already in March, I think whether there are also many directions which are going to upload the application of a release to App Store soon in spring, and it is going to apply to examination. If it uploads at a store by Xcode (Organizer) at such important time (the middle or subsequent ones of February, 2016), the problem which the trouble related to a certificate generates has arisen.

Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for …

Out and became a state that can not be uploaded (ScreenShot takes forget). although some setup of a thing with their bad application and account is just going to worry with amusing one and the thing which must take the necessary procedure for some on a problem certificate-related [ one’s ] about being various when it meets with such problems — the expiration of Mr. Apple’s certificate is the cause this time — like .

If an iPhone Certificate-related is seen by a key chain, “The publisher of this certificate is invalid” is displayed in the red. If a “system” is chosen within a key chain and Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority (AppleWWDRCA) is seen (expiration is displayed from a display menu), The term of validity of this certificate has run out.


Although it seems that it may be alike, there may be a statement called the reply from an apple, and it might reput in AppleWWDRCA newly, it did not solve only by having merely downloaded and double-clicking, and was puzzled for a while.

I thought whether it was free over different cause, this have to remove the old one. (When new one and two old things were intermingled, “the publisher of this certificate is invalid” did not disappear and it did not solve)

The old one (expiration) of AppleWWDRCA is deleted.

By a key chain, “Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority” (AppleWWDRCA) in which the term expired is deleted.


Since this dialog comes out, a password when logged in to Mac is put in and permitted.


It will be asked more. After this, so put a new one, this guy is “Delete”.


The new one of AppleWWDRCA is installed.

A page called Apple PKI

From ” WWDR Certificate (Expiring 02/07/23) ” Let’s download (caution because there is also expired ones).


It will be installed in a key chain if what was downloaded is double-clicked.


I think that certificates, such as iOS Distribution, will become “effective [ this certificate ]” at last if there is no old one and it will become new.


If there was a problem, in the Preference of Xcode,  “RESET” in this part ↓ has been displayed much, it was also gone.


After having had this certificate, and building, when Upload to App Store was carried out, it was able to pass through the part which the error had generated at last, and was able to continue upload!


For a while, it had distributed by Fabric etc., and a long time also has things and rising at a store did not notice this error.